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OYOY Jali Water Carafe Amber

OYOY Jali Water Carafe Amber

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Fall in love with Jali! The glassware series Jali is made with cute spots in a simple design with rounded edges, making it chubby and powerful glass. The Jali series is versatile and suitable for both your outdoor summer table setting and a modern touch to your Christmas table. We encourage you to mix all the colours for your very own collection of Jali glassware.

Jali Water Carafe is available with spots in white and amber, with a practical handle also made of glass. The Jali series is handmade, making every single piece unique, and they will vary in size, shape and design.

The name Jali means spot.

Quality: 100%

GlassDimensions: Ø15,3 x H20 cm

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