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Women & Nature: Healing practices for body and soul

Women & Nature: Healing practices for body and soul

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Lean into nature: learn how to reconnect to yourself and to the natural world through the practices of twenty-five inspiring women.

Women everywhere are searching for answers to better support their wellbeing and find balance in their lives. But what if there were a solution? One that improves our physical and mental health while also strengthening our relationships, our sense of community and our purpose. Women's health naturopath, Emma Drady, has unearthed the missing piece of the puzzle, our connection with nature.

Here are twenty-five inspiring women who credit 'the nature prescription' as the true turning point in their lives. Each of these women have all pursued a career or deep passion centred around nature and share motivational advice and moving personal stories about connecting with the natural world.

From nature drawing and finding a sit spot, to cold-water immersion and plant meditation, this book features a dispensary of nature prescriptions to help boost happiness, calm the nervous system, reduce stress and improve mood. Complete with a first-aid kit of nature-based remedies for now and for the future to harness the many benefits to the practice, the wisdom, and the wonder of connecting with nature.

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